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Adelle is 23 years old and the manager of a boutique 5 star hotel. She loves to travel and create lasting relationships with those around her. Her love for hospitality was tainted when she realised how much waste is produced from the industry with mountains of black bags being collated every day, due to predecessors not sorting the bins out for the ease of the day-to-day running's.
Adelle started her journey to change this way of operation as she recognised there was another way to provide a 5* service whilst being conscious of the impact hospitality venues were having on the environment. She first became the green key champion for the 3 venues in the Retreats Group LTD Collection and when taking over Roch Castle as manager at 20 went about executing further sustainable swaps and eco friendly alternatives to now, where the hotel is recognised by Surfers Against Sewage as a Plastic Free Business Champion.
Adelle also works closely with the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority on conservation projects and volunteering opportunities to further do her part for local eco systems. She also has most recently become the ESG officer for the three properties in the group, and hopes to continue to push further and become the benchmark for all hospitality venues in Pembrokeshire and beyond, to create a world where tourism and sustainability go hand in hand.

Adelle Sutherland: Product
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