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Jordan, 24, is from tumble in south wales. Jordan is currently studying an access to science course with plans to attend university to study astrophysics next year. Whilst studying astrophysics, Jordan aims to learn more about sustainability in space. It’s a subject that’s not spoken about often, however she think it’s a very important conversation people need to discuss. For example, more than 25,000 pieces of space junk and debris larger than 10 centimetres are floating in earths orbit! As exciting as exploring space is, we need to make sure it’s sustainable.Jordan currently work as a barista and teaches children English as a second language. Jordan is also in the process of starting her own business, hosting events and get togethers for people who have struggled with mental health or are just looking to meet new people and perhaps get out of their comfort zones by trying new things! 
In Jordan’s spare time she does a lot of hiking around the beautiful Welsh coast, or up one of the many amazing mountains we have in this country! Jordan is a very sociable person so you’ll usually find her with friends trying something new like pottery, wreath making! Or just exploring some new places!

Jordan also does some volunteering work, she is a woman’s aid ambassador. Jordan is currently in the process of becoming a volunteer for foothold Cymru who do a lot of sustainability work for the community. Jordan also volunteers on the radio in Prince Phillip hospital. 
Overall Jordan is very excited for this incredible opportunity and is excited for the final in May!

Jordan Tyler: Product
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