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My name is Megan, 25, a proud Welsh-speaker from Anglesey in North Wales. I am currently work for a new University whose aim is to make Higher Education more accessible to the next generation of great minds. Both through my own personal journey and my career thus far, I am deeply committed to the belief that education is the important tool that anyone can have in their arsenal for empowerment and societal progress. For this reason, my advocacy for 2024 is 'Earthly Education'. Many of the problems that we have inflicted on our beautiful planet stem from a lack of understanding/information by the majority: Whether stemming from ignorance or systemic barriers, learning about our planet is a vital first step.
My journey as a finalist so far has been centred around my own education, as I believe there is always more to be learned and steps to take to improve based on the knowledge gained. On this journey to education I have attended workshops, seminars, as well as guided walks to learn about what is on my doorstep. No one can be perfect on the journey to sustainability, but making those small, imperfect choices is what makes a difference on a collective scale. 
Education about the Earth has enlightened me to the harm humans create as well as the rampant consumerism so many of us are guilty of (and may not even realise the scale of harm it causes). I have been truly horrified to learn about how wasteful the fashion industry TRULY is, and how greenwashing is rife in the advertisements we witness every day. I take pride in minimising my contribution to fast-fashion by predominantly opting for pre-loved clothing over the past 10 years, a commitment I intend to uphold beyond the final in May. (Including the clothing I will be wearing on the night!) 
My commitment to transparency online is the foundation of the way I operate both within the world of Pageantry and personally. A true role model, as Miss Earth Wales should be, is accessible to those who look up to her by being personable, and acknowledging imperfection. By presenting the highs and the lows with authenticity, I hope to contribute to the de-influencing movement which aims to bring an element of realism to counteract the era of 'influencers' and unrealistic representation that social media allows us to showcase. As a woman who was diagnosed with ADHD late in life, I cannot make the claim that my life is perfect, as it simply is not. By being myself I hope to encourage others to be themselves too.

Megan Evans: Product
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