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Sarann is a 19 year old student studying media in Swansea university in both the Welsh and English language with the hope of becoming a multilingual tv presenter. Sarann has also been a harpist for 10 years and does modelling, weightlifting and volunteering in her spare time.
Sarann is an ambassador for Oh So Eco who aim to educate others on environmental sustainability and share how you can make a positive impact on the environment and help preserve our planet.
She is also an ambassador for the rental closet who promote fashion sustainability by attempting to reduce fast fashion, as well as being a model and ambassador for V3 FIT who make their vegan gymwear from 100% recycled materials, packaged in biodegradable packaging and plant one tree for every order.
Sarann uses her passion for fitness to raise money for various charities through fitness challenges as well as hosting charity events herself. She loves volunteering at her local animal shelter spending time taking care of rescued animals showing them the love they deserve. She has hopes to travel around the world volunteering at animal sanctuaries making an impact for the earth’s precious animals.
Sarann has a mission as a Miss Earth Finalist to continue raising money for animal shelters while using her volunteering experience to inspire others to do the same and promote her advocacy of animal welfare and protection. She also wishes to share and educate others on fashion sustainability and how everyone can do their bit for our amazing planet.

Sarann John: Product
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