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Georgia Williams is a 23 year old Psychology Master’s graduate from Swansea who works supporting primary school children with Additional Learning Needs. She aspires to become an Educational Psychologist in the future as she has an eagerness to help others reach their full learning potential. Additionally, she is a fluent Welsh speaker. 
Georgia is passionate about finding new ways to reduce waste and promote sustainability. Specifically, working in a primary school has made her aware of how much material is being wasted everyday. More notably, it has made her realise how imperative it is to not only educate children about the ways we can help protect the Earth as they are the future but also staff and other adults within schools. Her overarching goal, therefore, is to be able to advocate sustainability and offer guidance to schools throughout Wales in ways in which they can cut down on their most used materials and learn to prioritise more efficiently. 
Georgia is an ambassador for ‘Oh So Eco’ who aim to educate others on environmental sustainability and ways which the planet can be preserved. She is also an ambassador for ‘The Rental Closet’ who promote fashion sustainability by attempting to reduce fast fashion. 
During her spare time, Georgia volunteers at the RSPCA Llys Nini as a cattery assistant where she helps staff with the upkeep of the cattery and socialises with the cats who need it most. This is the highlight of Georgia’s week as she is a big cat lover. In addition to this, she is a volunteer at the Environment Centre in Swansea where she helps the ‘Green Spaces’ project make eco friendly planters for various organisations around the city. She also creates and sells her own bird feeders in effort to attract more wildlife to our gardens and raise funds for the Miss Earth Wales’ nominated charity; A-Sisterhood.

Georgia Williams: Product
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