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Macie Thomas is 18 years old, from Llanelli in South Wales. She is a very enthusiastic and outgoing person. Some of the things she is most passionate about are feminism and nature. She loves photography and modelling, and uses these as ways to express her creativity, therefore this pageant is very exciting for her as she gets to incorporate her general hobby’s and world matters that she feels are extremely important.
She is very enthusiastic about wildlife and nature which is her reason for not eating meat as she has a huge love for animals and is aware that it makes a huge impact on climate change. She is a WWF member as she loves learning more about wildlife and how she can play her part in helping the planet and the creatures that it habituates. 
Macie loves all things fashion and loves to incorporate sustainability into that by shopping second had in charity shops, and vintage shops finding unique pieces while also being sustainable, as she recognises the severe impact that over consumption has on our planet. 
Macie has always done small things in her everyday life to be more eco and help the planet but this pageant gives her the chance to have a platform and an opportunity to learn more about the climate crisis and educate others about this on going detrimental issue.
The world of pageantry is totally new to Macie but since being involved she has been overwhelmed with the warm welcome and support from all the girls and the director. She is very eager and excited to spend time with all the girls ,while having fun and working hard together to spread awareness and do her part in tackling this crisis.

Macie Thomas: Product
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