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Kaitlan is 23 years old and a proud  fluent Welsh-speaker from Carmarthen, West Wales. Kaitlan graduated from the University of South Wales with a Second Class Degree in Law and Criminology Degree after facing many personal challenges as well as studying throughout the global pandemic. 

Kaitlan has always empowered others to make changes throughout her academic life, and more recently where she is a part of a woman empowering platform and group. 

Furthermore, Kaitlan is extremely enthusiastic about buying second hand. A fun fact about Kaitlan, her parents owned a second hand shop for years and Kaitlan would help out when she could. This was one of her first encounters to buying second hand. Since then, Kaitlan will always try and buy second hand where possible, using selling apps like, Vinted, EBay, Depop, Facebook marketplace and so on but also enjoys attending car boot sales on a Sunday morning with her family - Kaitlan will be wearing all secondhand clothing during the Final. 
Another fun fact about Kaitlan is that her father would always try and create products all from reused items. This has 100% been moulded into Kaitlan as she now would rather try and make things before spending money on products she would make at home.  Kaitlan will always try and encourage others to protect the environment and be more eco-aware in her daily life, she hopes that this pageant will continue to highlight the importance of going green and educate herself further on the current climate problems our planet faces. 

Additionally to buying secondhand, Kaitlan welcomes wildlife into her garden and fields where she has feeders and homes for animals to use. 

This will be Kaitlan’s first experience in the world of pageantry, nonetheless she hopes to inspire other girls and women that there is a place for anyone in the world of pageantry no matter what you look like.  Kaitlan is an enthusiastic advocate of the plus-size community and regularly provides her devoted followers with content that is relatable. Kaitlan believes that the best way to become a role model is by being relatable and hopes that her online platforms as well as in person create an impact in the younger generation. As a woman who has had a challenging life, Kaitlan wants to create awareness that life is not perfect and actually in fact the complete opposite, and that’s ok - being different is never a bad thing.

Kaitlan Evans: Product
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